Pet Pooper Scooper


You can spend less time picking up waste and more time enjoying quality time with your pet. Our hands-free pooper scooper is easy to use and its’ high quality plastic and double spring design will ensure your product lasts longer.  The dual-recoil tension controlled scoop gives you ultimate control over your scooping abilities, allowing you to pick up messes in all environments without smooshing or smearing.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Whole length: approx. 28cm/11.02in
  • Scooper size: approx. 9×7.5×6.5cm/3.54×2.95×2.55in
length 28cm
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Whole length

approx. 28cm/11.02in

Scooper size

approx. 9×7.5×6.5cm/3.54×2.95×2.55in


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