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7 Rarest Cat Breeds In Existence Today

When it comes to cats, most individuals know that there are a wide variety of breeds that exist in the world today. However, there are some that are quite rare; from tiny and cute to fast and ferocious, these rare cat breeds will amaze you with their adaptibilty and skills.

Click to read about these pawsome felines. Let us know your faves in the comments section!

10 Feline-Themed Products That Will Channel Your Inner Cat Lady

As proud owners of the adorable furries, we can’t stop ourselves from showing our feline love and sometimes we do this by purchasing cat-related accessories.

It could start with a phone case to swimming in cat shoes, cat backpacks, cat clutches etc.

And if this describes you, fellow catlady, and you just can’t quit, we have the remedy. We can’t cure your cat items buying problem but we sure can feed it.

Siamese Twins; Disability or not?

A story that shows how much you stand to gain when you persevere, when you put behind all the negative things people say and when you struggle to get to the other side, even when the current is so strong that it pushes you back every single time you take a step.

I feel it is a perfect article for the beginning of this year, because I know for most people, their challenges and struggles waltzed into 2018 with them.

What name would you give your pet?

Hi, everyone.
So my birthday is coming on and I have decided to get a kitten as a gift to myself.
But what I haven’t figured out yet is the name I should bestow upon my furry baby. I know she will probably not even answer to it, but I don’t want to be that crazy person calling “CAT! CAT! CAT!”

*If you are searching for the perfect pet name like me, you are at the right place, because who knows, you might see some cool names here.