About Us

About Us

The Ziligi Cat Shop Online: 

We have partnered up with factories in China producing various lines of Pet products.We offer high-quality pet supplies with Competitive Pricing range, enabling us to be a trusted brand in the pet care industry.
Our products have elegant, unique attributes not found anywhere else.

We offer free fast worldwide shipping.

We aim to provide affordable, high-quality products and most especially furrn which we belive would satisfy our customer’s needs.We certainly are obsessed with cats and try to provide the best for our little furry friendlies.

Our CATegories

If you don’t see what you want.Tell us, we’ll do our best to provide it.

Why Purchase?

  • We care about affordablity
  • Completely obsessed with cats, so we ensure we provide the very best for them.
  • We also care about our customers, and ensure your goods are gotten to you fast and with absolutely no issues

About Founder

I love food, exploring and I might be lactose intolerant. Okay, so I am pretty much like my cat.
I created Ziligi out of love for cats, and even animals in general (except snakes, have a terrible phobia for those).
Where I come from, cats are often linked with superstitions, and owning one in some areas is seen as completely weird; so there are a looot of strays.
In the near future, I am looking at developing special projects for helping stray and homeless animals. I know some people love cats, and for the rest who don’t, will try to educate and convince them on how wrong these superstitious beliefs are.
This site is a step towards that; as every purchase will further that goal.
Thank you, and welcome to the journey.

“ love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”